Welcome to J.J. Teaparty

January's update

I hope your 2019 started off great, I know ours did here at J. J. Teaparty. I had the pleasure of going to the FUN convention, which as I mentioned in an earlier email, was one of the busiest conventions in my 33 years in the business.

After returning from sunny Florida to the snowy and COLD New Hampshire I once again became a part of the J. J. Teaparty Team. As many of you know I retired at the end of September and was and am having a blast enjoying it.

But I love J. J. Teaparty and all of you, so when I was asked to come back for a while on a part time basis, I was all over it. How long you ask, well that is up to you, if you keep calling me at 1-877-772-4245 or 617-821-8430 or better yet emailing me at gail @jjteaparty.com I may just be around for a while.

Well February is now upon us and Scott and Gene our very aggressive buyers have been going from Sea to Sea buying coins. Please stay tuned, we will be updating our website www.jjteaparty.com and will be sending you an email of them very shortly.

Looking forward to speaking with you once again

Gail Watson