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1834 1/2 Cent PCGS MS65BN CAC. A beautiful example of this date, sporting a CAC sticker, deservedly so. Sharp strike with satiny surfaces and a gorgeous red brown color. There is a halo of red on the obverse and a nice mix of colors on the reverse. A welcome addition to any collection. The Listed Price is $1,700.00 and Featured Coin Price is $1,495.00
To order please call Gene at 617-821-8430

For a closer image of the coin, refer to the coin within our Half Cents Listings on website.

Our sincerest thoughts and hopes go out to everyone at this historically changing time. As we head into the weeks going forward, none of us can foresee, where we will be as a nation or as a world. We here at JJ Teaparty, are concentrating on putting the needs of others first and foremost.

We all know, the onset of COVID-19 and its swift arrival in the United States, has brought changes to every Americans way of life. We can only keep our families, our friends, our neighbors, our acquaintances and especially the strangers we do not know, protected and in our thoughts. We are certainly all in the same situation together. There are no boundaries, there is no society or any group of individuals, who will not be coping with this same disquieting experience. For once, the world is all facing the same common foe.

JJ Teaparty is following the situation closely and we will adjust our business as needed. We plan to work at the office if we are able and to provide the best Customer Service we can to our clients. If situations arise out of our control, we will attempt to update this page with any information that we have regarding operations. That said, please know, we will do all that we are able to do, to get purchases out as soon as possible. We anticipate some slowing with the post office and some delays in customers receiving orders. We will do our best to send tracking information, if you provide an email with your order.

Furthermore, we would like to let everyone know that the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore this week has been CANCELED and the Central States Numismatic Society Coins show in mid-April has been CANCELED also. As soon as we have an updated schedule, we will post it on our Convention Schedule page.

Each of us at JJ Teaparty, extends their heartfelt concern to everyone facing the COVID-19 outbreak. Our thoughts and prayers are going out to each person, during the unknown certainty of our future as a country and the world.

Scott D. Sparks