Welcome to J.J. Teaparty

Teaparty has been very busy, we have been adding a few hundred coins into our inventory every week and along with that the images have been going right up on the website. We are thrilled with how smoothly moving our main office from N Easton MA to Butler MD has been. Gene, Rachel, Gail, Mike, Melissa and myself have all worked seamlessly to make this happen. It is very rewarding to be heading to the Baltimore Convention this week knowing everything is on the right track.

In Baltimore we are ready to be active buyers working especially hard finding coins for our Want List Program and Monthly Acquisition Program. If you have not sent Gail your Want List (gail@jjteaparty.com) please do so. Our Want List program is one of our pride endeavors. We receive letters weekly from our customers thanking us for helping them find those special coins for their collection.

I want to Thank you for your continued business, we all look forward to speaking with you and helping you build your collection.

Scott D. Sparks