Welcome to J.J. Teaparty

The Pittsburg Mid-Winter ANA convention was a great success. We had the pleasure of seeing many of our long time customers and welcomed many new customers into the J. J. Teaparty family.

We purchased a wide variety of coins in Pittsburgh. We have already put many of them on our website and images are going up on the site as I write this. To top thing off we have a very busy coin show schedule in the next month. We will be at the Michigan State coin show next week, then at the
end of the month we will be at the Central States Convention. In May we have the Baltimore convention followed by the Texas Numismatic convention.

If you have a coin or coins you would like to sell or trade, please call Dr. Gene at 1-508-297-2768 or 1-800-343-6412

We all look forward to hearing from you

Gail Watson