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1883 Liberty Head Nickel. No Cents. MS65 PCGS #38073730 Featured coins price is $162.00. (regular price is $185.00) This was the first year for the Liberty Head nickel. When they were first minted there was just a large letter V on the reverse to signify 5 for five cents. This led to unscrupulous people dipping them in Gold and trying to pass them off as $5.00 gold pieces. So later in the year the word CENTS was added to discourage this fraudulent practice. This is the only year in the Liberty Head nickels that does not have the word CENTS on the reverse. 5,474,300 were minted. To order please call Gail at 617-821-8430 or Gene at 1-800-343-6412.

For a closer image of the coin, refer to the coin within our Liberty Head Nickel series.

All of us at J. J. Teaparty hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and that this holiday season is just wonderful for you and your family.

Last week we were at the Michigan State show and this week we are at the Indiana State coin show. When we return the week of December 9th we will have lots of new purchases as well as coins that came back from the grading services.

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