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Tarryall Creek by K. Christopherson

I don't know about you all, but this is the moment I have been waiting for since I obtained this collection from the owner. The opportunity to offer these great pieces to you, our valued customers!

Part II of the Tarryall Creek Collection represents tremendous quality, as evidenced by the large group of pieces that obtained CAC stickers.

Anyone who sends coins to CAC knows how difficult it is to obtain the desired "green bean". Of the 92 coins we sent from this collection to CAC, 59 received CAC stickers. That's a 64% rate! Unheard of at CAC! If that doesn't testify to the magnificent quality of this collection, nothing does. The coins that received the greatest percentage of stickers were the Barber quarters and halves. When you see them, you will understand why.

It has been a while since I have been this excited about surface quality for Barber coinage. These CAC pieces are just sublime--choice, original, pearl gray fields with great strikes and terrific eye appeal.

Don't dally if you want to put some fabulous pieces into your set. SEIZE THE MOMENT! The pieces are one-of-a -kind! A little word to the wise--take advantage of our approval service. If you wait for a photo, you could miss the coin. . . .

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