Want List Program

This program was designed to assist you in finding the coins you need for your collection. Not just any coins! For over 60 years, we have prided ourselves on carefully selecting coins for our collector patrons. As we have traveled to all of the major coin conventions since the 1960s, we know where to find the right coins for you. Further, because of our large collector base, we are constantly buying coins from our past clients. Since we have placed so many beautiful coins in our customers' collections, we are happy to repurchase these pieces. These sources of supply have provided a number of fine specimens for our want list customers over many years.

Whether you are a busy executive looking for well-struck buffalo nickels, a specialized collector of Bust 50c by die variety or a school teacher working on a Lincoln cent collection with your son, we can help you. Competitive prices and personal service are the keys to this successful program. It's important to us that you receive the coins you want to buy so please have us assist you in expanding or completing your collection.

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